What happens when I join?

After signing up to the coaching program you will receive an email from BeeSmithFit with a link to your very own personal coaching account. You can also download the free coaching app to access your account on your phone or tablet at any time.


During Week 1 you will be provided with nutrition and training guides and documents which will explain the fundamentals of the program. You will be given a set of questionnaires and tasks to complete in order to allow your coach to understand your current and desired lifestyle and for your program to be completely personalised for you. 


You will set your goals, create your coaching account profile and familiarise yourself with the site so you can ensure you get the most out of the program. 


Week 1 is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the program and provide your coach with all the information required to create a plan tailored specifically for you and your goals. After the first week you will receive custom training plans sent straight to your calendar, you will be provided with a meal plan, recipes and meal suggestions and you will be able to check in with your coach when required. 

Custom programs sent direct to you.

Custom programs sent direct to you.

Take your workouts with you. Custom programs sent straight to your personal coaching account.

Personal mentoring and support

Personal mentoring and support

Stay motivated and held accountable with personal mentoring.

Education Guides

Education Guides

Receive all the tools you need to learn the fundamentals to eating and training for your goals.

Personalised Nutrition Assessment

Personalised Nutrition Assessment

Receive a custom Eat for you Goals Nutrition Assessment. Click the image to learn more.

Your coach in your pocket

Your coach in your pocket

Access your programs on your phone. Each exercise comes with step by step instructions and video demonstrations. Log your meals in your personal account and stay on track each day.

With access to your own personal coaching account or by using the app (available for free) on your smartphone or tablet, you just log in to your account, click on the session in your calendar for that particular day and your workout will be available for you. 


Set your personal goals, track your results and monitor your progress all from your profile. Update your session details in real time after each workout and access progression graphs and data analysis based on your results. Receive weekly updates straight to your email account with a summary of your progress or be reminded when you haven't logged in for a while.


As with any training plan, the nutrition side is as equally important as the workouts. With Fitter. Faster. Stronger. you can easily keep track of your nutritional intake. The nutrition log has a bank of over 20 000 food items you can use to log what you eat or use the virtual fridge to create and log your own recipes. View your personal calorie report or macro and micronutrient analysis to help you see how far or how close you are to your daily nutrition goals. 


You personally work with your coach on a week by week basis for the duration of your program to help you achieve all your fitness and lifestyle goals.

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