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Training Tips

As you progress through your fitness journey your fitness levels will increase. To avoid plateaus it's good to keep your body guessing by mixing up your training sessions.


The following is a description of some training techniques that may be used to help you mix up your workouts and get the most out of each training session.

Track Your Progress

Keeping track of progress and measuring results is a crucial element in achieving goals.


If you don’t monitor how you are progressing, how do you know that you are progressing at all and that what you are doing is working.


Find out how to effectively monitor your progress. Measurements record template included.

When it comes to results and success, mindset is everything. Try these mental toughness techniques to help you overcome mental barriers.

The importance of rest times during training.

Ever seen someone taking selfies in between sets (guilty), texting their friends or just sitting and looking round? There is probably a very good reason for this! Take a look at why and learn the resting times for certain goals.

The number of reps and sets you perform during your workout has a direct impact on the results you will see from your training. When planning your workout always keep your goals in mind.


This simplified guide will help you plan the number of reps and sets you should be performing in order to get the most benefit from your workouts.

When it comes to working out, you will hear many stories getting around the gym floors.


Find out the truth behind a few of them with these top training myth busters.

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