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Staying on Track on Holidays

When trying to make positive food choices, being away from home can sometimes be more difficult than enjoyable. Next time you travel keep these tips in mind and let them help you stick to your plan no matter where you are.

Sometimes it pays to stop and take a moment to be proud of the positive choices you are making! It's not always going to be easy, so be sure to remind yourself that it will be worth it.

It can be hard not to overeat. Sometimes you don’t even need to be hungry, maybe you get bored and snack a little too much, or you just over eat because it tastes good! Whatever your reason, the following strategies may help stop all that!

We’ve done it a thousand times, gone to the supermarket for 2 items, come home with 16 shopping bags, half the deli and pretty much the whole contents of aisle 7. Ok, slight exaggeration but there is no denying a supermarket trip can make it hard to stick to our goals. Here's some tips to help beat the supermarket splurges!

If you are unsure what meal prep is or how to do it, you are not alone! These tips, ideas and step by step guide to meal prepping may help you get started.

Rest and Recover

Ensuring you have adequate rest and recovery time between training sessions is vital for anyone who exercises regularly. Don't get caught up in the cycle of under recovering, find out the benefits of rest and use them to motivate you to slow down at times.

Emotional eating is very common and often offers a release from stress. However it often has a number of negative side effects. Learn how to train your mind not to turn to food for comfort.

When it comes to meal prep it can become quite overwhelming. These basic ideas may help simplify meal prepping for meals and snacks.

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