Commit. Believe. Conquer.

What happens when I finish the 10 weeks?

The program is designed to change your mindset, to educate you on the fundamentals of training and nutrition and to help you create the confidence in yourself to find your fit. If at the end of the 10 weeks you feel you are not ready to stop the program you have the option to join for another 10 weeks. There is no limit to the number of times you can sign up to the program.


However, if you complete the program and feel you would be comfortable writing your own workouts and meal plans but would still like the motivation, support and accountability as well as continue having access to your coaching account, you can continue to receive these through a Train with Bee Membership.


What is a Train with Bee Membership?


A Train with Bee membership is not a one off program that you purchase and forget about the following week. This is an on going year round program that allows you to create a fit, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Continue to receive access to your personal training account from your The Game Changer program and have the flexibility of your workouts, nutrition logs and progress charts available to you anywhere, anytime. Create workouts depending on your goals with a library of over 1000 exercises all with video demonstrations. Just drag and drop the exercise into your personal program to create your own workout and place the workout straight into your calendar.


Set personal goals, track your results and monitor your progress all from your profile. Update your session details in real time after each workout and access progression graphs and data analysis based on your results. Receive weekly updates straight to your email account with a summary of your progress or be reminded when you haven't logged in for a while.


As you will have learnt in The Game Changer program, with any training plan, the nutrition side is as equally important as the workouts. With a Train with Bee membership you can easily continue to keep track of your nutritional intake. The nutrition log has a bank of over 20 000 food items you can use to log what you eat or use the virtual fridge to create and log your own recipes. If you choose to you can view your personal calorie report or macro and micronutrient analysis to help you see how far or how close you are to your daily nutrition goals. 


Subscribe to Train with Bee and not only will you receive your own personal training account, you will also continue to receive exclusive access to everything I do to keep fit year round as well as access to a library of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle tips and secrets for both you and your family. Join a community of members, connect with others on their fitness journey, share your experience, get encouragement, support and motivation, or simply get useful information including great recipes.


Haven't completed The Game Changer program but would still like to Train with Bee? That is fine too. Train with Bee is for anyone who is wanting to kick start, revamp or easily monitor their health and fitness journey. Use it to overcome plateaus, track progress and results in an easy online training diary or simply receive motivation and encouragement by qualified industry professionals. No matter what level of fitness you are at, for less than $2.00 a week you receive the tools, education and motivation to create a healthy and fit lifestyle year round.


As my goal is to help others make health and fitness a simple priority and not a difficult chore, I have spent over 10 years learning all the fundamentals of living a healthy, balanced, sustainable lifestyle and I want to pass this knowledge on to you. The Game Changer program is about helping you step into the right headspace and educating you on how to eat and train for your goals. You will learn to get to know your body type and how best to structure your training and nutrition in order to create workouts and nutrition plans that are specific to your body and your goals. By helping you understand this as well as providing you with the tools to document your journey and monitor your progress you will see results faster and more efficiently. Once you have excelled in changing the game, I want you to stay there. 


A Train with Bee membership is a cost effect program designed to help you stay in control, motivated and supported so you can continue to conquer your health and fitness journey. Don't undo all your hard work and positive results by going backwards after you complete The Game Changer. 


Healthy living is a lifestyle and I want to provide you with all the tools to motivate, encourage and educate you to make it a lifestyle you enjoy living year round.

Train with Bee Membership Options

Train with Bee - Yearly Subscription $7.99 / month


Train with Bee - 6 Month Subscription $9.99 / month



Train with Bee - 1 Month Subscription $12.99 / month