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Client Success Stories

The greatest thing about success is; its worth is measured by the individual.

It could mean physical transformations, quality time with family, creating self confidence, stronger relationships or a greater self belief. However you measure success is up to you..and there is enough of it for everyone!


Here are some personal success stories, selfies and messages sent to us from clients of The Game Changer coaching program.*


Take a look, read their stories and become inspired. This could be you!

You have what it takes to change the game.

All you have to do is;

Commit. Believe. Conquer.

running fitness transformation

"I know it was full body on Monday but I also went for a run because I FELT LIKE IT. Wow. I've come a long way! 


Before the program I couldn't run. My joints felt weak and I hurt my neck when I attempted it.


Feeling sooo much stronger and fitter."*

                 - Samantha, Qld

"I had clear goals about what I wanted to achieve and with a little bit of hard work on my behalf, together with well constructed and challenging sessions provided by Bee, within 10 weeks I had reached and exceeded my goals."*

- Greg, ACT

"As a busy mum, to have a fitness program I can work around my kids has been fantastic and even more rewarding when they can join in. My daughter will ask, 'Are we training today, Mum?' It feels so good to be such a positive role model for my kids.


Doing this program and having Bee as a coach has made a challenging journey so achievable."*

- Leah, NSW

"These pics are 6 weeks apart!! I can't believe it actually works. I have been eating more and losing weight. I have so much more energy and just feel amazing. I'm so excited to keep going!"*

- Clare, NSW