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Don't give up yet! 9 ways to make it happen

On average only about 20% of us stick to our New Year’s resolutions.

The majority of resolutions are given up on in the first few weeks of making them and unfortunately, some of the biggest failures are found in fitness resolutions.

Don’t fall into that trap this year. If you have made new years resolutions that you are sick of giving up on, these tips may help you stay on track!

1. Reassess And Be Realistic

If your goal is unattainable or unrealistic, you will fall short of reaching it and often give up all together. Take some time to re assess your new years resolution and be sure it is a realistically achievable goal. Perhaps you need to extend your time frames or re evaluate some of the habits you planned to go cold turkey on and take a slower approach. Remember it is consistency that achieves results, not a set number of days / weeks etc.

2. Limit Your Number Of Resolutions

If you set a large number of resolutions chances are you will spread yourself too thin trying to make multiple changes in your life. You will become too overwhelmed and most likely give up altogether. Set fewer resolutions or alternatively try tick one off before you start on another.

3. Talk About It

Don’t keep your resolutions a secret. Tell friends and family about your plans and goals. Ensure they are people who will be there to support you to change yourself for the better. If possible find someone with a similar resolution and help motivate each other.

4. Reward Yourself

Results, especially visual results, can be slow, whereas effort is obvious and ongoing. As you continue to put in the effort be sure to reward yourself. Don’t wait until you see physical results. Physical results vary from one person to the next so this could become very demotivating from time to time.

Take note though, this doesn’t mean rewarding yourself with the things that contradict your resolution. For example if your resolution is to eat better, don’t reward yourself with the things you are trying to do without. Instead, reward your success by treating yourself to something you enjoy that doesn’t contradict your resolution. If you have been sticking to your promise to eat better reward yourself with new clothing or that special something you have been eyeing off.

5. Track Your Progress

Keep track of each small success. Short term goals are easier to keep and each small accomplishment will help keep you motivated. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, instead of focusing on losing a total amount of weight, break it down and focus on losing smaller amounts over time. Keep a journal and take regular progress photos to help you stay motivated.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

The number one reason people give up on their new years resolutions is because they had a bad day or a moment of weakness. No one is perfect and minor slip ups along the way are completely normal. Don’t give up because you had the odd slip up. Do the best you can each day, and take one day at a time.

7. Put Them Into Positives

We are more likely to stick to something if it has a positive attachment. For example, instead of ‘lose weight’, make your resolution ‘train each morning before work’ or ‘add more vegetables to each meal’. Viewing the changes you are promising to make in a optimistic light will make your resolutions seem less like a chore, and more like a positive lifestyle improvement.

8. Get Help

If you have tried before yet given up, perhaps it’s time you got some professional assistance. Everyone needs help at some stage and sometimes a friend just isn’t enough. Don’t feel that seeking help is a way of copping out. Professionals are qualified to show you the best way to get results as well as help keep you motivated and accountable. If you do seek assistance just be sure to get someone who you can trust and open up to.

9. Hang In There

Remember consistency is key! It takes about 21 days for a new activity to become a habit and six months for it to become part of your personality. As it reaches the time of year most people give up on their resolutions just remember - it won’t happen overnight, be persistent, consistent and patient! You go this!

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