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7 Ways to stay on track during the holidays.

Long weekends & holidays usually mean drinking, partying, friends, food and fun. They hardly mean workouts, gym and nutrition. But don't undo all your hard work, here's my top tips for staying on track during your holidays or long weekend.

1. Plan - Plan when and how you will train. To get the most out of any workout it is important to plan your entire training session. Remember failing to plan is planning to fail. 2. Short & sweet - You're on holidays, you don't want to be sweating it out in the gym for hours while everyone is sipping cocktails by the pool. Make your workout a HiiT (High intensity interval training) workout, not only can you complete a full workout in less than 30 minutes, your body will continue to burn fat long after the workout is finished. 3. Plus 2 - I use this method in most my workouts, and its even more effective when you are short of time. In each set when you reach what you would normally consider failure in your number of reps, push through for another 2 reps. Its these 2 extra reps that you will get the most benefit from. And depending on your workout, adding 2 reps to each set may be more effective than doing that last set. 4. Be creative - You may not have access to a gym but dont let that stop you. Head to a park, clear some space in your hotel room, pack a skipping rope or resistance band. Whatever it takes. Remember you dont always need a gym to train. 5. Get in early - Plan your workouts for first thing in the morning, perhaps while everyone else is still asleep. This way it doesn't matter what the day brings, your workout is done. 6. Indulge - Yep you're on holidays, make the most of it! Drink, eat and have fun. Indulge in the things you wouldn't normally, just be sure to manage your portion sizes when at the buffet.

7. Rest and Relax - And remember to listen to your body, If you are tired, rest and relax. If you don't train, don't feel guilty. Health and fitness is a lifestyle and daily practice no matter where you may be. Make sure you enjoy your journey.

Happy holidays!


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