Online Coaching Vs. Face to Face Personal Training

Updated: May 27

A personal trainer and nutrition and lifestyle coach that is completely online? Well that just doesn't make sense?! How can you coach me if you don’t see me?

Well as the world moves more and more towards the internet for everything it makes sense that the presence of online coaches and trainers are growing and the way it works is simple, cost effective, efficient and best of all, it gets results that last!

So how does it work??

As an online fitness and lifestyle coach, although you may never meet me in person, I pretty much become your personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach, in your pocket. Through technology and well designed software you are able to access me as your coach 24/7...and as your coach, I am also able to access you!

So unlike traditional trainers who you see maybe for an hour once a week, as an online coach I am there day in and day out to keep you motivated, to hold you accountable, to provide you with the best training and nutrition plans for you and your goals and to immediately tweak things if you have any troubles.

As a coach I provide more than training and nutrition programs because fitness is more than working out and eating well. It is state of mind, it is action, it is execution. Most people over look the need for a coach in their life, however their importance really is second to none. Think about sports stars for a minute, behind every successful team is a coach. Someone who is there to motivate, to educate, to guide and to help them believe in themselves and create that confidence they need to achieve their goals. Someone to help set out a plan and path to follow to help close that gap between where they are and where they want to be, because we all have goals, sometimes we just need a little help reaching them.

A coach picks you up when your down and praises you when you succeed, they share your highs and your lows. They have your back, even when you dont. The reality is, anyone can pick up a dumbbell or write a training program, but to achieve goals, you need more than that, you need a plan and you need execution. That’s where a coach comes into it.

So if this really is the smarter, cost effective way to train and reach your goals, and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing methods of training out there, how can I be sure it’s completely personalised?

Well with the software I use for my online coaching I am able to keep a complete database of my clients progress, limitations, injuries, goals etc and write fully customised progressive programs for them and their needs.

Programs can be either gym based or can be at home / outdoor workouts, whatever the client prefers and if they are traveling for a period of time I can tailor the programs to what equipment, if any, that they have access to.

Generic programs lack this flexibility and personalisation. It is efficient and effective and allows me to create a completely personalised coaching program just for you. No two programs are the same as no two people are the same.

Developed by TotalCoaching, this online training software is portable for your tablet/mobile, easy to navigate and packed full of detail to excel your exercise & nutrition plans for optimum results. It enables you to receive your programs and complete your sessions from anywhere, just by using the app (available for free) on your smartphone or tablet. Just log in to your account, click on the session that is added to your calendar for that particular day and your fully personalised program is there for you.

With video demonstration of each exercise I can be confident in knowing that proper technique is provided for every exercise and it is available to view as many times as needed, 7 days a week. You don’t have to wait till your next PT session to work on it or ask me questions. Throughout your time on The Game Changer program you are provided with all the information, plus access to me, 24/7.

Also, as we all know, with any fitness program, the training side is only the half of it. Nutrition is so important and you really can’t out train a bad diet. As mentioned earlier, my The Game Changer program offers clients customised nutrition plans as well as the physical training plans.

You can track your nutritional intake using the nutrition log in your coaching account and ensure you are staying on track with your goals. The nutrition log has a bank of over 20 000 food items you can use to log what you eat and you can use the virtual fridge to create recipes. There are also many other features like calorie reports or macro and micronutrient analysis to help you see how far or how close you are to your daily nutrition goals or any nutrients you may be lacking in.

As your coach, I have access to your nutrition log in real time and will also be able to offer suggestions of what tweaks can be made to get as close to ideal nutritional intake as possible. Logging your food and drink should not be a painful process and once you’ve logged a food or drink item previously the software remembers this and shows it to you when you log again in the future.

Is Online Coaching as effective as face to face Personal Training?

The short answer is yes and for most people it will be more beneficial. Using an online service means I can better track my clients progress and help them along the entirety of their journey, as it is not just about the training side of it. It’s the diet and the ongoing mentoring, something face to face trainers don’t offer after you leave their one hour session. I can see who is logging in and who’s not and I can really hold them accountable and offer ongoing support when they need it most.

The reason why most people don’t get results in the gym is not because of lack of effort. I have seen people who have been training for months or years on end, 7 days a week and still not getting results. Most times this is because they lack the proper education on what will work best for them with both their nutrition and training program and they also lack the number one thing that guarantees results; tracking and measurement.

You need to be constantly tracking and measuring your results along the way otherwise how do you know what to do next or if you are making any progress at all?

So is it for you?

Online Coaching and my The Game Changer program is for people who are serious about getting results. It is for anyone who wants to make long last changes to their body composition and long term health. If you have a goal and you want help reaching it or you simply want to learn how to make your health a priority and create a lifestyle rather than partake in another fad or phase then I strongly believe ‘The Game Changer’ online fitness and lifestyle program is for you. All you have to do is commit, as your coach I help you believe and from there we conquer.


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