Nutrient Timings

Think of a time where you may have felt drained during a workout, or perhaps lacking enough energy to even start the workout. Nutrient timing can help to overcome these obstacles and assist you in reaching your goals faster and more effectively.


When fitness and healthy eating is considered there is often a lot of time spent focusing on two aspects – quantity (how much food to eat) and quality (the source of their nutrients). The timings of said nutrients is often overlooked. This strategic approach to what and when to eat before, during and after training will help optimise energy, recovery and results.​

The following nutrient timing tips may help you maximise your training and recovery;

  • Aim to consume at least 20g of protein every 3-hours to assist muscle recovery and development. Note this does not need to be in the form of protein powder, make it a protein rich food. For example, chicken, eggs, greek yoghurt, nuts.

  • A pre-workout meal will help stabilise blood sugar levels allowing you to train at your best. Make this a carb dominant meal. Examples include; a bowl of oats, a banana, rice or sweet potato. If you train in the morning in a fasted state please note your energy levels may deplete rapidly and you may benefit from a mid training snack such as a banana or energy gel.

  • Consume a whey protein powder mixed with water within 30 minutes of completing your workout to help maximise your recovery. Always mix protein powder with water post exercise for fast absorption.

  • Consume protein powder before bed. Mix the protein powder with milk to slow the absorption and digestion process down. This allows the protein to act like a drip and drip feed your muscles as you sleep. This will prevent muscle breakdown, enhance muscle growth and assist in the fat burning process.

  • Always consume carbs within 1 hour post workout to refuel your body with energy. This prevents your body needing to use energy from your muscles that you just worked hard for.