Mental Toughness Techniques

Take control of your workout every time.

There is a good reason why sport psychology has been labeled the ‘science of success’. The reason being because it studies the four mental

toughness skills;

• Motivation
• Confidence
• Concentration, and
• Emotional and Physiological Control

Athletes use these skills consistently, in conjunction with training and nutrition, to give them the ultimate performance edge. Now, while I’m sure we don’t all want to be professional athletes these skills can be of great benefit to us when training to reach our own fitness goals.

These 4 skills all take advantage of the one thing you personally have 100% control over: Your Effort! There are a whole heap of uncontrollable factors you will cross paths with on your fitness journey which can hinder your success rate therefore, it is essential for you to focus on aspects of your performance that you can control. Make a start in your next session by putting into practice these principles:

Control your fears!

Only you control how you think about your fears. We all have fears, whether we give in to them or not is another story. Take the time to recognise the cause of your fears. Whether it be what other people might think, or that you are worried you will fail, fears are normal, but fears also hold you back. Take control of your fears, look them in the eye and tell yourself over and over, that these fears will not stop you. You control them, and you will not let them win!

Stay focused on your goals!

Pay attention to your vision and stay focused on your goals! Have your goals at the front of your mind the entire time. When you feel like giving up, nothing is more convincing for you to think of your goals, the reason you are doing it and how good you will feel when you get there.

Self reflect and self praise!

Take the time to recognise the things you did well as well as the things you could do better next time. Praise yourself on your wins and your highs and learn from your lows. Self reflecting on each session is important and is an effective tool for motivating yourself for the next session. Write down your highs and your lows and reflect on them just before your next training session.


Practice positive self talk!

You will often here me say ‘You can do this!’, and the truth is, you can. If someone was offering you $1,000,000 to run that extra 100 metres, I guarantee you could run that extra 100 metres. You must be able to believe in yourself, and in your ability to overcome the things you think you cant do. Tell yourself you can do it, success has no room for doubt. Once you believe in yourself, you become limitless.


Be prepared for training!

Ensure you have a game plan of your training session. Know what exercises you’re going to be doing before heading into the gym or beginning your at home workout. If it helps, select songs that motivate you and get you moving. Choose a certain song for each exercise and move to the music.


Start today!

Start practicing these techniques right now, change your mindset to a positive one and believe in yourself. Experiment with one mental toughness technique at a time or introduce a few at once. As you incorporate these skills into your daily training, you will see yourself reach new standards of performance and feel incredible about yourself!