Commit. Believe. Conquer.

The Game Changer

The training and nutrition program designed specifically for you and your goals.

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 The Game Changer



It's time to change the game.

The fitness program that provides you with personalised training programs and nutrition plans as well as the support required to take control of your fitness, your health and your lifestyle. The Game Changer will transform your body while focusing on creating a healthy and fit lifestyle that is sustainable year round. Make your health a priority and get started today. You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be!

What's included

Personalised Nutrition Assessment

Your current eating habits are assessed to identify how you may have be impacting your goals.

Meal Plans, Nutrition Advice and Recipes

Custom meal plans, guides and recipes designed to help you eat for your goals going forward.

Personalised Training Plans

Custom gym or at home workout programs designed for you and your goals and sent to your phone, tablet or computer.

Personal Coaching Account

Exclusive access to your own online coaching account plus

download the free app to  access your coach, workouts and log nutrition in real time.


Learn how to eat and train for your goals. Receive training, nutrition and lifestyle tips and educational documents.

Support, Motivation and Accountability

Receive on going direction, motivation, support and feedback. Be held accountable for your training and nutrition.

Personal Progress Tracker

Set your goals in your personal coaching account and monitor your results and progress.


Attend free Find Your Fit Bootcamps or connect with others in the forum and  create your own training group.



"My 'The Game Changer' program focuses on mindset, self belief, education and accountability as well as providing you with the training and nutrition required to improve your health and fitness.



No matter what your goals, you first need your mind to believe you are capable, your body will then follow. Once you commit, I work with you to switch your mindset, to help you believe in yourself and to teach you the fundamentals of healthy eating and exercise.



The Game Changer will help you take control of your body, your health, and most importantly your life. With customised nutrition and workout plans tailored specifically for you and your goals plus one on one mentoring and support, I provide you with everything you need to

Commit, Believe, Conquer.

It's your turn to change the game."

How it works

After choosing your payment option and signing up to The Game Changer coaching program you will receive an email from BeeSmithFit with a link to your very own personal coaching account. You can also download the free coaching app to access your account on your phone or tablet at any time.


Once you have activated your account and created your profile you will have a message from BeeSmithFit informing you of what to do next in order to get started on the program.


During Week 1 you will be provided with nutrition and training guides and documents which will explain the fundamentals of the program. You will be given a set of questionnaires and tasks to complete in order to allow your coach to understand your current and desired lifestyle and for your program to be completely personalised for you. 


You will set your goals, create your coaching account profile and familiarise yourself with the site so you can ensure you get the most out of the program. 


Week 1 is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the program and provide your coach with all the information required to create a plan tailored specifically for you and your goals. After the first week you will receive custom training plans sent straight to your calendar, you will be provided with new recipes and meal suggestions and you will be able to check in with your coach when required. 


You personally work with your coach on a week by week basis for the duration of your program to help you achieve all your fitness and lifestyle goals.

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The Game Changer

It's time to change the game.

Make your health a priority.

Get started today.

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The Game Changer program includes personalised training programs, nutrition guides, meal plans, recipes, ongoing support and much more!

The Game Changer


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