Stay On TRack While away from home

Holidays and work trips can be great,

but how do you stick to eating well when you're away?

Most times when we travel we spend our time eating from restaurants and cafes. When trying to make positive food choices this can sometimes be more difficult than enjoyable. Next time you travel keep these tips in mind and let them help you stick to your plan when you're away from home.


Stock up

When you arrive head straight to the supermarket and purchase as close to your normal meals as you can. Think fresh fruit, salads, tin tuna, greek yoghurts, nuts, anything that you can pack as a snack to take with you throughout the day as you explore or travel between meetings. Also purchase some throw away plastic containers and cutlery so you can your pack lunch to. This helps to eliminate the need to eat out for every meal. 



Eat on time

Stick to your regular eating times - so be sure to get those snacks so you can still have your smaller meals / snacks throughout the day. This will stop you over eating at lunch / dinner. It can be hard as days spent on holidays are usually busy sight seeing but it’s important you don’t skip meals.


Pack your protein

Pack protein powder and take it with you. Take a container with enough scoops to give you at least 2 scoops a day. You may only have one a day but it's always good to have a spare for emergencies. Especially if you are still able to train while you're away.



Skip the appetisers 

When eating out, some places offer bread for starters. Give these a miss. They are evil calories because usually you are hungry when you first get to a restaurant and these are too easy to consume. As soon as you arrive ask for water and sip on this till your meal comes. 



Avoid liquid calories

As its so easy to go off your regular eating pattern when on holidays you will probably be already consuming calories you wouldn't normally so one way to limit going overboard is to avoid liquid calories. Stick to water as your choice of beverage and be sure to watch your alcohol intake.


limit variety

Try new foods and enjoy this part of the holiday; you want to experience the country as best you can. Just try limit the variety in each meal. Variety stimulates your appetite, limit your choices to 2 different options per meal, this makes it easier to not over consume. Also keep this in mind if breakfast is a full buffet.


Try the fish 

Try go for the fish option at dinner time, or any meal that will be high in protein. This will help fill you up and reduce your chance over over eating.


Plan your dinner

I know its hard when on holidays but if you think ahead each day as to where you might be going for dinner it will help you decide what macros to have for lunch and breakfast. For example if you know you are going to be heading out for pizza and pasta at dinner then be sure your daily meals are primarily protein focused.


Side by Side

If possible, when ordering meals ask for sauces, gravies, dressings, to be on the side. Also ask for an extra side of vegetables no matter what you order and remove any ‘plate fillers’ such as chips or bread as soon as your meal arrives (or ask for them not to be included). If rice is included in the meal, when the meal arrives, immediately half the serving and remove it from your plate. Usually rice dishes from restaurants provide quite a large serving size.


Split it

If you can, share desserts. This may be hard depending on your travel buddy but it allows for you to try the desserts without over indulging. 


Eat in advance 

If you are going out for drinks or a social get together have a bowl of vegetables before you go, or order a bowl when you arrive at the venue. Some places don’t have this on the menu but most can definitely provide it if requested. Instead of snacking on usual bar foods such as chips, nachos, wedges etc, have your veggies. It will fill you up and stop you eating too much of the other stuff.