Online client Greg talks about The Game Changer coaching program

Greg is in the middle of his second block of The Game Changer coaching program and sent us this heart felt message about his experience so far.*

Online coaching - is it for you?

For me the choice was easy & the answer was a definite yes. Perhaps my reasons for going down this path will help you reach an informed view about whether to give it a try. 


My background is that of a competitive swimmer, cross country runner, basketball player, triathlete and cyclist. I have a strong competitive streak & I am accustomed to having a coach help guide my training. For me a Personal Coach and Trainer fills a similar role to that of a sports coach, but they can be so much more. 


If you've previously been coached, whether in an individual sport or a team then you're used to following informed directions. Are you currently able to structure a program that provides for multiple sessions each week, are you able to correctly and consistently identify the intensity you should approach each session and can you tell when you need to build in rest periods and or have easy sessions. 


I couldn't. I could do each individual part & maybe link some good sessions together. But I failed in making personally directed fitness work well for me. There were skills that I was lacking and I didn't want to have to write up a program and then remain enthusiastic enough to follow it. For me, finding my fitness by doing everything myself, just plain did not work. 


I value the help that I get from my Personal Coach and Trainer. I have been open and honest about my fitness goals, my lifestyle and my health. I have been left speechless at times by just how supportive and insightful my coach is. They have become yet another valued person that I can touch base with when life & fitness hiccups arise. 

If you're in that confusing place of wanting to get fit and everything you have tried by yourself has left you frustrated or you want to change what you think your health goals should be, but you aren't sure how. Then I would suggest you give a coach a try. 


If you've done your research and have had a long talk with the coach you've chosen and you both "click" then you've finished the hard part. The rest will become easier, because it will be your routine. Please don't underestimate just how incredibly empowering a safe, clear, tailored routine can be. It's how I have succeeded in improving my fitness and health. 


Why did I choose Bee and The Game Changer coaching program? 


Well to be honest I wanted to try something new and Bee was offering free bootcamps near to where I live. So that was how we met. After the first session I started looking at her program and at what her contemporaries / competitors were offering. Bee had the depth of experience I was looking for. After 2 sessions of bootcamp and a couple of chats later I knew that Bee was the coach for me. I signed up and am now in my second block of training. 


I had clear goals about what I wanted to achieve and with a little bit of hard work on my behalf, together with well constructed and challenging sessions provided by Bee, within 10 weeks I had reached and exceeded my goals. My fitness goals have since changed from when I started and I'm pleased to say that Bee is still an incredibly enthusiastic supporter and coach who is helping me to achieve my fitness and lifestyle goals. Importantly Bee gets me and she understands that becoming fit should be fun.Yes there's consistent hard work required, but you can play along the way and have a good laugh at how you're doing a certain exercise on any particular day. 


If having fun while finding your fitness is important to you, then I am more than happy to say - please give Bee a try, I doubt you'll be disappointed. 



*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual

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