Counting Macros

As mentioned earlier, counting macros is form of flexible dieting that allows you to live a balanced sustainable lifestyle without completely restricting yourself from all the foods you love. Sticking to your ideal macro split teamed with adequate training will see your body composition change no matter what your goals are.


Although it is not essential to count your macros or weigh your food to the gram it does help to be mindful of your macros and occasionally track them. Tracking your macros will help you avoid over eating in both total calories and in individual macros.


If you choose to count your macros this can be done in your nutrition log on your coaching account. Although this is a great way to monitor your eating habits, get to know portion sizes and stay on track with your food intake it is up to you if you wish to log your meals and how often you wish to do it.


If you choose to log your meals, over time the need to log will decrease as you will learn to be aware of your macros and you begin to incorporate it into your lifestyle. Of course the option is always there to continue to log your meals and monitor the ongoing changes in your body composition.


Although it is not essential, I do recommend logging your food and beverage intake and tracking your macros for at least one week to gain an inside understanding of macros and the caloric make up of each meal you consume. You will learn a lot about the foods you eat and you may even be surprised about some of them!



Tips for beginners

If you choose to track your macros the following tips from others following the same approach from my program may help you. I asked them for their best tips when starting out with this kind of lifestyle plan and here are some of the top answers I received. I think the last one in particular is worth taking note of. When starting out, it’s more important to be mindful of your macros, rather than getting lost in the numbers. Remember; it’s a lifestyle, not a job.





















Flexible dieting transformations

Ryan, 11 months progress.

Shannon, down 48kgs.