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Who is Bee Smith?

Bee Smith is a health, wealth and lifestyle coach and public speaker with over 10 years experience in the health, wealth and fitness industry. She is a qualified accountant, personal trainer and nutrition and lifestyle coach.


Bee has worked for the largest accounting and professional services firm in the world, the largest government organisation in Australia, and various health and fitness clubs worldwide. 


Having combined her experience with her years of self education, she has developed her own strategies, theories and practices to creating a healthy, fit and financially free lifestyle. 


Using these strategies, she has mentored, motivated and educated people all around the world to make the changes that are needed to live the lifestyle they aspire.


Her passion is educating others on making their health a priority and living a lifestyle that is both fulfilling and rewarding. From this she has created the BeeSmithFit group.


The BeeSmithFit group is dedicated to helping others take control of their lives, achieve all their health, wealth and lifestyle goals and find their ‘fit’.


This is her story.

My Story

Although I have always had an interest in health and fitness, I can definitely say I have not always been healthy and fit. As a young single mum, juggling work, study and family, I soon realised how easy it was to get caught up in the pressures and routine of every day life that I forgot to take care of myself. When I did think about my health, I thought because I was thin, I was healthy. I couldn't have been more wrong. 


From my years of experience and education in the health and fitness industry I knew my lack of energy, broken sleeping patterns, constant fatigue, headaches and mood swings were all because of a poor diet, lack of exercise and financial stress. Until I changed this I wouldn't realise how good my body was designed to feel. With the excuse of being 'too busy' to look after myself I had grown to believe all the headaches, lack of energy and restless nights were just the norm. Without even realising it, the stress and financial pressures of life were slowly killing me and I was letting them.


I decided to stop with the excuses of being 'too busy' or 'too tired' and to start making my own health a priority, while I still had the choice. Through healthy eating, regular exercise and eliminating the things causing me stress in my life, I began to realise how good my body was designed to feel. By eating the right foods for my body and taking the time to look after myself, I started needing less sleep, having more energy and just overall feeling great. I knew I was doing the right thing for my body, and the scary thing is, as a qualified personal trainer for over 10 years, I knew all along this was the right thing for my body, I just never made myself and my health a priority.


I talk about making our own health a priority while we still 'have the choice' because the truth is, if we continue down the road of stress, poor eating and lack of exercise, our bodies will make the choice for us, and it wont be a kind one. As with most people these days, we get so caught up in every day life that we forget to look after ourselves. We spend more time and money on 'sick care' than we spend on 'health care'. Meaning it's not until it's too late and something is wrong with our health that we do something about it. I knew the cold truth was, make the choice now, or eventually the choice will be made for you.


In 9 months I put on 9 kgs (as you can see in the pictures) and had never felt better. The scales had never been a motivator to me, but it became obvious that this was the weight my body needed to be to function at its best. I become comfortable and confident in the skin I was in and the size I was. I became healthy. With this I also became happier, I became the best version of me.


Throughout my time as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach I have helped many people on their health and fitness journey. Through this and my own personal story I realise each person is different and we all have different goals. I share my own story with you all because I think it is important to understand whatever look you want to achieve, overall health is the most important.


My passion is helping others become the best they can be and my aim at BeeSmithFit is to help both men and women realise how good their bodies are designed to feel. No matter what their goals, whether it be weight gain, fat loss, or just to improve overall health and stress levels, I use the tools, strategies and resources I have learnt over the years to help others achieve these goals and find their fit. 


At BeeSmithFit we educate others on the factors that influence our health and wellbeing, these primarily being the 3 F's; fitness, food and finances. We aim to educate, encourage, inspire and motivate everyone to take the time to look after their body, to make their health a priority, and to become the best version of themselves, inside and out.



Because we owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be!


My Transformation